Similarities Found in High Performers: An Audvisor Insight from Sally Hogshead

Today, I’d like to share this insight I’ve chosen from with you from Sally Hogshead on similarities found in high performers.

Here is the insight in Sally’s own words (transcript lightly edited for readability). Enjoy!

“So let’s talk about high performers for a minute and what high performers have in common.

Over the last four years, I’ve been studying professionals and companies like AT&T, GE, Cisco, and Qualcomm.

What I found is that high performers have a few things in common.

The single most important thing is that high performers have a specialty: a built-in specialty in their personality.

In other words, they have one area in which they’re naturally suited to over-deliver.

When a high performer identifies what this area is, then they can specialize in offering that and in truly excelling in this one area.

Rather than trying to be good at everything, they’re extraordinary at something.

Here’s a little secret: your clients don’t hire you because you’re balanced.

Your clients hire you, your employer hires you, because you’re extraordinary in some way.

Instead of trying to be all things to all people, find that one area of your personality.

Now, what is your area?

What is that specialty of yours?

You can find that by taking the Fascination Advantage Assessment.

The assessment only takes about five minutes.

It’s 28 questions, but it measures what are those qualities that you have that give you an advantage and that make you exceptional in the eyes of others.”

How can you apply this great insight from Sally in your own business?

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Entrepreneur, Author and Teacher, co-founder of Based in Silicon Valley. More about him at

Entrepreneur, Author and Teacher, co-founder of Based in Silicon Valley. More about him at