Advice to Young Entrepreneurs: An Audvisor Insight from Joel Comm

Today, I’d like to share this insight I’ve chosen from with you from Joel Comm on advice to young entrepreneurs.

Here is the insight in Joel’s own words (transcript lightly edited for readability). Enjoy!

“Whether you’re just graduating high school, or you’re in college or just out of college, recognize that the opportunities that exist today are so far greater than what previous generations have experienced, because our businesses are not just local now.

There is a lot of local opportunity because of the internet.

Opportunities now reach across state borders, against country borders, around the world.

You can pretty much go into business and come up with an idea that stems from your passion, your talents, your skills, your abilities, your personality and bring value to somebody all the way around the other side of the world.

So whatever it is you’re wanting to accomplish, my advice is to dream big, to not be afraid to do something that others have not done before.

To ask yourself, “What if this could happen?” and then, “Why isn’t it happening, and why couldn’t I be the person to make this happen?”

Remember, some of the biggest ideas started in garages.

All we have to do is take a look at Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak creating the first Apple Computer in that garage in California and now Apple is the world’s largest company.

You can do anything, so don’t be afraid to set your sights on the biggest dream you could think of… and then don’t be surprised when you achieve it.”

How can you apply this great insight from Joel in your own business?

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