Investing10 minutes in the morning to learn and grow will change your life for the better.

They say when you make a good start to anything, you get an edge.

When you wake up every morning, what you do in the first few minutes determines what kind of a start you are getting. To keep it simple, let us look at the first ten minutes before you consume any sort of information (eg: email, text, WhatsApp, news, social channels and any kind of analytics or reporting).

Two dozen principles from a lifetime of collaboration

Here are two dozen principles (and a couple bonus ones) that have guided my relationships over a lifetime of collaborations and partnerships with others.

1. Have the best intentions

Have the best intentions for the other person, always. Only pure intentions can sustain lifelong relationships.

2. See every relationship as a blessing

Treat every relationship as a blessing because you will learn something from everyone. Not all lessons may be what you wanted, but they were all probably needed.

3. Discover what matters

Discovering what matters to others is key. Without knowing…

I started my writing and publishing adventure more than three decades ago ( the story here ) writing mystery and thriller novels. I wrote romance novels, mathematics books, poems collections, short stories and in the later parts of my life, a number of business books. I also worked as a journalist for a local newspaper ( story is here )

Also, I experimented with mini sagas and napkinsights, posters, thank you cards. thinkbooks and on and on and on.

Granted, I have not succeeded in every single one of them, but I have enjoyed every single journey.

Until now, I…

Think of an imaginary game called prison cell-hopping. The idea here is simple. You are in any imaginary prison cell. You don’t like it, but after some time you get used to it. Not that you are happy there, but you can tolerate the stay there.

Someone around you teaches a game called prison cell-hopping. It is a lame game, but they make it look like super fun. The rules are simple — you leave your prison cell and move into another prison cell temporarily. When it comes to inconvenience, this prison cell is no different than the previous prison…

Most of the people who have mentored me tell me that it’s not always the right answers that help — it’s asking the right questions.

There was a discussion a few months ago on whether being small had its advantages — agility, speed etc. My response then was that it all depends and I stick to the same opinion even today. While being small has its advantages, it has its disadvantages too — especially if you are a small technology business.

For those small companies, I created this list of questions to reflect upon. …

I am just like many of you — lot of my resolutions (new year types or others) have failed and lot of my projects have failed but when I have succeeded small number of times, I have done so with flying colors.

A couple of examples (there are not many just in case you are wondering) where I succeeded:

1. Daily Yoga Practice: When I learned yoga, I thought I would do this for the rest of my life. It was in 2007 and since then I have been practicing it daily. In the last 4106 days or so, I…

A hook that matters is something that will take a user on the shortest path to the perceived point of value exchange in a repeated fashion (P.O.V.E.R.)

If you are a smoker, you reach the perceived point of value exchange at every puff. To reach there is simple — light up a cigarette.

If you are addicted to drinking, you reach the perceived point of value exchange at every sip. To reach there is simple — pour a glass of your favorite drink and you are ready.

If you are into any kind of gambling, you reach the perceived point…

Today, I’d like to share this insight I’ve chosen from with you from Stephen Shapiro on The Performance Paradox.

Here is the insight in Stephen’s own words (transcript lightly edited for readability). Enjoy!

Imagine a retail store, two teams competing.

One team is evaluated on how much they sell, that is, the cash register determines the winner.

The second team’s cash registers are not involved — they are evaluated on how well they serve the customers.

If a customer needs you to spend an hour helping them out with a problem, you do it.

If they are best…

Today, I’d like to share this insight I’ve chosen from with you from Sally Hogshead on similarities found in high performers.

Here is the insight in Sally’s own words (transcript lightly edited for readability). Enjoy!

“So let’s talk about high performers for a minute and what high performers have in common.

Over the last four years, I’ve been studying professionals and companies like AT&T, GE, Cisco, and Qualcomm.

What I found is that high performers have a few things in common.

The single most important thing is that high performers have a specialty: a built-in specialty in their…

Today, I’d like to share this insight I’ve chosen from with you from Will Bunker on the top skills of entrepreneurs.

Here is the insight in Will’s own words (transcript lightly edited for readability). Enjoy!

“So top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

I’d say number one is the ambition or the will to succeed.

Without that you will never make it through all the painful setbacks that you encounter along the way.

Number two is I think mental flexibility.

I mean you do have a goal and you have something you’re trying to accomplish but…

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